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About How I Practice:

Our beliefs about ourselves and the world are powerful. These beliefs are shaped by our life experiences beginning in childhood and often times do not serve us well. I work with clients to begin to explore and understand personal beliefs, where they come from and the impact on life. Often times we find ourselves repeating roles and patterns of which we are not fully aware. We learned what helped us survive that may not be particularly healthy and has led to possible consequences such as work struggles, relationship struggles, anxiety, depression and a general feeling of dis-ease. Working to gain full awareness can allow us to let go and begin healing from past traumas and learn a healthier way to cope with future difficulties so that we can live the life we were meant to live.

​My theoretical approach is based in Person Centered that sees all people as individuals and deserving of unconditional, positive regard. I also draw from other approaches such as Existential which explores our search for meaning to life and Cognitive Behavioral in learning to understand our behaviors and begin to make healthy adjustments. This therapy work can be transformative.

I appreciate working with a wide range of issues including but not limited to grief, depression, anxiety, relationship problems, childhood abuse, work/school challenges, life adjustments and addiction. As there are many unhealthy and compromising behaviors resulting from traumatic and stressful issues, I became licensed as a Chemical Dependency Counselor as well.

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